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Tableau/Power BI 

Coursera Courses

Data Visualization with Tableau

My favorite Tableau course on Coursera. I've taken this one a few times and this course specifically took my understanding to the next level. Fantastic walk throughs, explanations, and projects. Highly recomment.

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Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau

This course is really great at helping you understand the reason behind creating visualizations. What problems are you solving. Then it'll show you how to build it and communicate it effectively.

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Udemy Courses

#1 Recommendation for Coursera

#1 Recommendation for Udemy

Hands on Tableau Training for Data Science

This is really a top to bottom walkthrough of Tableau that doesn't take 6 weeks to complete. It'll go over every visualization you can imagine and give plenty of options to practice creating dashboards.

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Hands on Power BI Training for Data Science

Taught by literally the same instructors as the Tableau course to the left of this one. It's a fantastic all around course that'll teach you everything you need to be proficient in Power BI.

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