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Excel Courses

Coursera Courses

IBM Data Analyst Certification

This entire certification goes pretty in depth into Excel. It shows how to organize your data, create charts and graphs, and use Excel with Python. 


Udemy Courses

#1 Recommendation for Coursera

#1 Recommendation for Udemy

Data Visualization, Graphs, and Charts

Maven Analytics has hands down the best Excel courses (as you can tell by my course recommendations). In this course you'll learn all of the visualization techniques you'll need to master Excel.


Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables are fantastic to know how to use. This course will show you how to set up your data to actually use for pivot tables and then show you best practices to create pivot tables that will impress your stakeholders.


Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions

This course is specifically to take your Excel game to the next level. It goes into formulas and functions with fantastic examples of how to actually implement them. I recommend after you have a good understanding of Excel.


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