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Python Courses

Coursera Courses

IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Analyst Certification is one of the first certifications I ever completed. It focuses heavily on Python and has fantastic examples and projects.

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Python for Everybody

One of the best courses for learning all of Python. You're going to go far beyond just data analysis with this course. It'll teach you web scraping, visualizations, all the way to data structures.


Udemy Courses

#1 Recommendation for Coursera

#1 Recommendation for Udemy

Python for Data Science and ML

Don't let the Machine Learning scare you. 90% of this is 100% useful for data analysts and covers things like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib, and Seaborn. All of these I highly recommend learning. 


The Complete Python Course

I found this course quite difficult overall so I suggest it for more intermediate users. It does a fantastic job of breaking down difficult concepts. It doesn't specifically focus on analytics, but goes in depth into several different use cases for Python.

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Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

This course focuses specifically on using one thing - Pandas. This really highlights the use cases for pandas and how you can use it for data analysis. 


Natural Language Processing with Python

In this course you learn how to break free text apart and create useful data out of it. It goes into how language works and how to use Python to use it. This really is one of my favorite fun courses I recommend for those who want a challenge.

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