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Portfolio Projects

Portfolio Projects are used to showcase your skills to potential employers. Used effectively, it can give you a leg up on your competition and help the hiring manager notice you. 

I've created an entire YouTube Series dedicated to walkthrough Portfolio Projects. Each one you can completely use as your own and even make them better! 

You can find the entire Playlist Here


Covid-19 Data Exploration in SQL

This project uses real Covid-19 data and walks through how to import data into SQL Server. Then we walk through how to break apart the data to find insights. This project goes to intermediate level concepts so some knowledge of SQL is recommended.

Covid-19 Tableau Visualization

This project is a continuation of Project #1. In this project you will visualize the insights you gathered during your data exploration. We do all of the visualizations in Tableau and keep things fairly beginner friendly.


Data Cleaning in SQL

This Project focuses on cleaning data in SQL and shows how to manipulate the data once it's actually in the database. This is a really great one to showcase in a portfolio because data cleaning is done a lot more than most people realize in a data analyst role. 

Correlation in Python

This is the first Python project in the series. This project walks through how to find if data is correlated to other sets of data. I would say it's on the intermediate side of things and you definitely should have the fundamentals of Python down before attempting.


How to Build a Free Portfolio Website

After you've built out your projects you need to display them! Create your very own website with this tutorial. This is what potential employers and hiring managers will eventually see so make sure it looks good!

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