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I'm Alex Freberg, better known as Alex The Analyst. 5 years ago I started my journey as a Data Analyst and I've come a long way since then. I'm currently an Analytics Manager at a Fortune 10 company, husband, and father of 3 beautiful children. 

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How I got started in Analytics

I moved to Dallas, Texas from North Carolina in January of 2017 for an internship as a recreational therapist. Yes, I have a degree in Recreational Therapy. I completed my internship and wanted to stay because I had a met a girl I intended to marry (my now wife). I got a job as a resident advocate at a non-profit just to pay the bills. After a few months there was an opening at the non-profit for a position as a "Data Collection Specialist and Analyst". I applied and was the only applicant so they gave me the job.

About 6 months into that role we hired a consultant to help me implement a Salesforce database. He asked me if I knew SQL and I told him I had never heard of it... I went home and every night for the next 3 months I studied SQL for 3-4 hours. I realized if I learned this skill it would open up my opportunities and I could actually become a Data Analyst and make a lot more money for my family.

After 3 months of applying I landed a job as a Data Analyst at a Healthcare Analytics company. A very small company of about 50 people. I learned a ton of SQL and Excel from my boss, Tristan. He taught me more than I could have ever hoped in a real Data Analyst job and was very much a mentor to me. 

Unfortunately, that company had some issues with payroll and it made me a bit nervous. I wanted something more stable so I started looking for larger companies where I thought I could find more stability. That lead me to the company I work for now - an unnamed (look at my LinkedIn) company. I got a job as a Junior Data Analyst as a Contract-To-Hire. After 6 months there they hired me on and promoted me to a Data Analyst II. 

I worked in those positions for over 2 years and in the middle of 2021 I received a job offer at my current company to be the Manager of Operational Analytics and Intelligence. It was a huge step forward in my career. I plan on continuing growing in my career here and rising up the ladder in the next several years.

Back in 2017, when I first started trying to become a Data Analyst, I never found one place where I could learn everything. I had to kind of figure it all out myself for the most part. It was honestly really challenging and looking back I remember wishing there was someone who could help mentor me on what to do and what was actually important.

Well when I finally felt like I knew what I was doing I decided I wanted to be that person. So back in January of 2020 I posted my very first video on my channel. I wanted to create a channel where people could come a learn everything they needed to know - what skills to learn, interview tips, best courses, etc.

I also wanted to create free courses on all of the most important skills. So on my channel I make tutorials on SQL, Excel, Tableau, Python, and Power BI. 

That's really the motivation behind the entire channel. I want to help people become Data Analysts and I want it all to be free. I think Analytics should be available to anyone - not just those who can afford the best courses or the best education. 

That's also the hope for this website. A free place to learn everything you need and find resources so you can become a Data Analyst.

Why I created Alex The Analyst


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